KIND Grow (2-2-4)


From root to leaf, Botanicare KIND Grow (2-2-4) provides the minerals + organics that offer peak plant performance, backed by the latest research. This ideal balance of NPK gives flowering annuals the support they need for strong roots, healthy leaves and sturdy stems before flowering. It’s a reliable, valuable nutritional element that sets up crops for excellent harvests.

• Complete, dye-free formula
• Adaptable to specific soil/soilless media
• Produced in small batches for consistent results
• Clean formula that won’t over-salinate your system
• The precise nutrition fast-flowering annuals need!

Available in quart (32 oz.) and gallon (128 oz.) sizes.

Feed Sheet (PDF)

Application is based on the type of medium used. See feed charts (above) for instructions specific to your needs.

User’s Tip:
Pay careful attention to the type of water you use (reverse osmosis, city water, etc.) for best results.