iPonic 614

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The Link4 Corporation iPonic 614 Environmental Controller allows you to monitor and maintain EVERY aspect of your grow room or greenhouse — lights, temperature, humidity, CO2, pumps — via smart phone, computer or internet anywhere, anytime!

• Instant plug-and-play via factory presets
• Fully programmable and flexible
• Backlit touch screen display for ease of use
• Fully automated control of the growth cycle — early veg through final bloom!
• Remote communications and control
• Eight 120V outlets
• Fuzzy-Logic CO2
• High/Low temp, humidity, CO2 alarms via text or email
• High temperature shut off
• Warranty: 3-year (1-year on sensor module)

Product Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Includes a vegetative and flowering phase that enables you to program specific temperature, humidity, CO2 and light level setpoints on a weekly or growing stage basis.