Humidity Dome (7-Inch)

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The Mondi Humidity Dome is made from heavy duty, clear plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to years of horticultural use. Combine with our standard 1020 seed tray to create a climate controlled atmosphere that is perfect for starting seeds or cuttings.

Includes an adjustable vent to achieve proper air-flow and desired humidity level. Reusable year after year and will stack for convenient space-saving storage. Fits perfectly over ALL standard 1020 seed flats.

• Adjustable easy-vent controls air circultaion, temperature and humidity
• Large capacity 7-inch design provides ample room for tender plants
• Reduces drafts and maintains even humidity/ temperature levels
• Made from food-grade materials that do NOT gas-off and damage plants
• Perfectly fitted for standard 1010 propagation trays

Size: 11″ x 21″ x 7-1/2″ deep

Grower’s Tip:
After seeds germinate, make sure that they receive plenty of direct light (10 to 14 hours per day) and keep them moist and warm. Water or mist the soil as soon as it begins to feel dry — do NOT let it dry out. Once plants are several inches tall, transplant and watch them grow!

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