Grow Natural


BLOWOUT SALE! Humboldt Nutrients Grow Natural (3-1-3) combines ocean fish, seaweed extract and pure cane molasses to give your plants the nutrient-rich foundations needed during the vegetation and flowering period. When used in conjunction with the organic feeding schedule (below), this ultra-concentrated formula will not only enhance the quality, flavor and quantity of your crop, but help facilitate the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your growing media.

May be used indoors or outdoors for ALL varieties of plants, such as flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, berries and shrubs.

General: Use at a rate of 5 to 15 ml per gallon of water.

Foliar: Use at a rate of 5 to 10 ml per gallon of finished spray solution.

Compost Tea Brewing: Use a ratio of 1 part to 100 parts compost tea solution.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Ingredients: Ocean fish, soy protein, seaweed extract, yucca extract, magnesium sulfate, zinc oxide, soft rock phosphate and cane molasses.