High Temp Shutdown (HLC)

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Protect your crops from overheating! The C.A.P. HLC High Temperature Shutdown constantly monitors your indoor garden temperature. If the temperature exceeds what you have set, the advanced HID lighting controller turns off your lights so that crop damage will not occur.

It then turns on the “Temp Exceeded” light to let you know that an overheating situation occurred.

When the temperature returns to normal, it will turn your lights back on. Includes a 15 ft. remote temperature sensor.

Rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts. Includes a 3-year manufacturer’s no hassle warranty. Now sold and backed by Hydrofarm.

Instruction Manual (PDF)


Step 1: Plug the HLC into your lighting timer.

Step 2: Plug your ballast or Master Lighting Controller into the outlet on the front face.

Step 3: Adjust the max temperature setting using the front knob.

Step 4: The HLC power light (green) should be on at all times while it is receiving power. The red “Temp Exceeded” light will be solid if your growing area is in an over temperature condition. The “Temp Exceeded” light will blink if an over temperature condition has occurred.