Hi-Brix (0-0-3)


Molasses for plants! Earth Juice Hi-Brix is the original source of plant carbohydrates and nutrients that has been specially made for indoor and outdoor gardens. May be used with other fertilizers and is highly recommended for brewing teas.

• Ideal for both soil and hydroponics
• Will NOT burn flowers, fruits or vegetables
• Improves plant health and vigor
• A natural source of plant sugars
• Feeds soil microbes!

Available in quart, gallon (shown), 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.

Use as part of a regular fertilization program.

Hand Feeding: Slowly add and mix 1 tsp (mild) to 2 Tbsp (strong) per gallon of water. Use every 4 weeks.

Hydroponics: Mix 0.25 tsp (mild) to 1 tsp (strong) per gallon of water and add at every nutrient change. It is recommended to continually aerate the reservoir solution. Every 7-14 days, drain and flush with clean water.

Compost Teas: Mix 4 Tbsp per gallon of water prior to brewing.