Years of proven indoor farming experience bring you HEAVY 16 Roots (0.7-1-2). A revolutionary new nutrient additive designed to enhance a plant’s rhizosphere. What’s a rhizosphere you ask? Well, it’s that small area where a plant’s root system interacts with the surrounding soil and it’s loaded with important soil microbes. Keep this area thriving and you’ll experience improved plant vigor, accelerated growth and massive yields… naturally!

• Greatly accelerates root growth and biomass
• Improves fertilizer efficiency
• Encourages vibrant growth and improved yields
• Helps reduce transplant shock
• Invigorates soil ecology

Use during all stages of plant growth — from clone to harvest — to establish healthy and vibrant root systems. Add 1ml per gallon of fresh reservoir water prior to adding all other nutrients and additives.

HEAVY 16 Feed Schedule (PDF)
Visit the HEAVY 16 Nutrient Calculator here.

Ingredients: Ammonium nitrate and potassium polyphosphate.