Soil Aerator (GS-2)

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Better for your plants – better for the planet. Growstone Soil Aerator is ideal for use in most planting mixes. Unlike perlite and Hydroton® — which are strip mined leaving huge scars on the earth’s surface — Grow Stone is made from 100% recycled glass right here in the good ol’ US of A!

• Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening
• Will not break down or compact
• Does not float when irrigated
• Made from 100% recycled glass
• 4 times more aeration then coco coir
• Lightweight & dust-free

Available size: 1.5 cubic foot bag

Growstone 101 (PDF)
Product Data Sheet (PDF)

User’s Tip:
Add to your soil to increase aeration (up to 70% more than perlite) or use it as a stand-alone media in any hydroponic system. The rapid moisture absorption and increased aeration allow for more oxidation in the root zone to promote vigorous growth.