Hydro Stones (GS-1)

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Who knew that the ticket to ideal root development looked like this?

Growstone Hydroponic Substrate (GS-1) is a 100% natural, recycled growth medium that’s perfect for vegetables, herbs and flowering plants. Spaces between the recycled glass “rocks” open up more oxygen to plant roots while the rock texture retains water without drowning roots. This combination boosts root hair development, which means better nutrient and water uptake.

• Ideal balance between oxygen intake and water retention
• Chemical-free growing medium made from recycled glass bottles
• Retains up to 30% more moisture than other products
• Great for hydroponics & drip irrigation systems
• 100% recycled and reusable material
• Lightweight and mess-free

Available size: 1.5 cubic foot bag

Growstone 101 (PDF)
Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Rinse Hydro Stones before use. Water newly planted seedlings once or twice a day until water flows out of the container.

Grower’s Tip:
For excellent results, keep water level to within 1 in. of the surface.