Gorilla 9‰Û_ x 9‰Û_


Here’s the perfect indoor garden with plenty of elbow room! The 9×9 Gorilla Grow Tent provides protection for specialty plants that need a closed environment for peak development. Using 1680D reflective fabric, all-metal poles and sealed seams, expert gardeners have created a durable structure that’s built to last.

• Rock-solid frame design can support up to 300 pounds
• Textured reflective fabric makes the most of every lumen
• Carefully-designed windows and vents maintain perfect heating
• Generous 7-ft. ceilings can be extended to 8 or 9 ft. with extension kit (see below)
• Zippers built to stand up to the demands of production
• Floor tray (included) keeps spills and humidity contained

Height Extension Kit adds 1-2 ft. to the standard 7-ft. ceiling height. No more smacking your forehead on lights or harvesting before your plants reach full maturity. Same exceptional construction and durability as the main structure.

Grower’s Tip:
Special reflective texture on the interior fabric allows for maximum use of every lumen, every minute.