Gorilla 5‰Û_ x 9‰Û_


Get 45 square feet of gardening space in one tough-as-nails package! The Gorilla Grow Tent 5×9 gives your plants ultra-thick walls and hefty construction for a snug, perfectly controlled environment. High ceilings, reinforced seams and a spill-catching flow make this the only choice for temporary structures.

• Substantial 5 ft. x 9 ft. area with 7-ft. ceilings!
• 1680D reflective fabric uses lumens to their fullest
• Ultra-durable zipper for easy entrances
• Windows and vent covers that seal out drafts
• Reinforced ceiling construction that can hold up to 300 pounds!
• Completely metal poles—no flimsy plastic

Accessories (sold separately):
Height Extension Kit adds 1-2 ft. to the generous 7-ft. ceiling height, giving your crop an 8- or 9-ft. ceiling! Same exceptional construction and durability as the main structure.

Grower’s Tip:
Temperature and humidity levels can easily be regulated using intake and exhaust fans. CO2 can be added and fans controlled by using separate atmospheric controls.