Gorilla 5‰Û_ x 5‰Û_


Give your plants a bright, perfectly controlled environment that’s built to last! The 5×5 Gorilla Grow Tent is the standard for indoor environments, using reflective fabric that’s 3-9 times thicker than other tents while increasing light distribution. And you won’t have to crouch inside. For extra-tall plants (or humans!) add the extension kit for an additional 2 feet of vertical space!

• Secure, enclosed space with 7-ft. ceilings!
• All-metal pole construction
• Toughest zipper available
• Textured reflective walls for optimal lumen levels
• Thick plastic windows allow viewing without disturbing your crop
• Reinforced ceiling construction that can hold up to 300 pounds!

Accessories (sold separately):
Height Extension Kit adds 1-2 ft. to the ceiling height! More room equals bigger plants.

Grower’s Tip:
This completely sealed environment protects your plants from seasonal variations in heat, humidity and light exposure.