Greenhouse (GMC)

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Control CO2, humidity and temperature with great precision with the Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller (GMC). Connect external devises such as CO2 injectors, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, fans, etc, via four separate power outlets. The GMC features a highly accurate, dual beam CO2 sensor delivered by a fan-powered remote combo probe placed up to 15 ft. away. Best of all, the GMC is designed to resist EMI/EFI from electronic ballasts.

• Monitors and controls CO2 with accuracy
• Controls heating, cooling and humidity devices
• Independent day/night temperature settings
• Notification system for environmental condition errors
• 15 ft. remote sensor
• Adjustable Fuzzy or Standard Logic
• Humidity and temperature split or interlock
• Record min/max CO2, humidity, temperature via data logger
• Warranty: 3-years

Size: 9″ x 7″ x 4″ deep, 15A max/120v

Instruction Manual (PDF)

External devices connect easily creating a simple, user-friendly platform, displayed by plant-friendly, green LED lights.