Fungus Gnat Predator

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Stratiolaelaps scimitus – Fungus Gnat Predators actively search for fungus gnat larvae and other harmful soil insects to attack after release. The predators come packaged as 25,000 mites of all stages in vermiculite and peat. The adult predators pierce the larvae and feed on their contents. The adults are small, up to 1 mm long. The larvae and first nymphal stage are white. The mites can be observed in and on the soil and at the base of plant stems. They are seldom seen on the plants and a slow but steady reduction of the infestation will take place.

Available in 25,000/ bottle sizes. Instructions for care and release are provided with each order.

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Fungus gnat predators are supplied in a 1 liter bottle containing 25,000 mites. Each bottle will treat 2500 to 5000 square feet, depending on the infestation level. Turn and shake the bottle gently before use. Spread the material evenly on soil or rockwool blocks. Do not apply near the plant stem. If necessary, fungus gnat predators can be stored for 1 to 2 days in a cool, dark place (50 to 60˚F). DO NOT FREEZE.

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