Cloning Collars (Hard)

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These specially designed Cloning Collars (35|Hard) are custom-built from a high density sterile material that holds and protects cuttings without damaging tender plant tissue. Includes a pre-cut slot that holds cuttings in place — ensures that they do not move or slip.

• Specially designed for ALL EZ CLONE systems
• Will NOT damage delicate plant tissue
• Manufactured from a high density sterile material
• Pre-slit for easy insertion of cutting
• Holds cuttings in place — NO slipping!

Available size: 35-Pack, 2 in. diameter

Grower’s Tip:
Select a healthy mother plant and take a 3 to 5 inch cutting using a sterilized blade. Remove unneeded foliage and dip in gel prior to placing in your cloner. Voila!