Electronic Tester

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The Rapitest Electronic Soil Tester is a dual purpose meter that tests soil pH and nutrient levels. Soil pH controls how well plants utilize the nutrients available in your soil.

All plants have a particular pH preference, so it’s important to know the ph level of your soil. You can then choose plants with the same pH preferences, avoid those that will not do well in your soil, or work to adjust the soil’s pH level.

Includes a comprehensive booklet with the pH preferences for over 350 plants. Requires one AA battery (not included).

Available size: 7.5 in. long


Step 1: Slide the switch from “OFF” position to either “pH Analysis” or “Fertility Analysis” position.

Step 2: Collect a soil sample from the area to be tested and thoroughly moisten.

Step 3: Insert probe completely into the soil sample.

Step 4: Within seconds the pH or fertility condition of your soil will be indicated. Check the detailed pH preferences list in the enclosed booklet then select the plants suitable for your soil or follow the instructions for correcting your soil condition.