Earth Box


Need a tiny growing area? Earthbox Organic Ready-To-Grow Garden Kit has the solution. This grow-anywhere tomato planter, complete with fertilizer and dialed-in watering system will have you growing veggies, herbs, flowers and fruits quickly and easily.

• All-in-one mini-garden! Just add potting soil (2 cu ft) and your favorite plants.
• Fits anywhere — porches, balconies, rooftops
• Huge results in one small space
• Skip the mess and guesswork with the revolutionary planting system
• Durable, food safe, UV-stabilized plastic
• Easily moved on strong casters
• Made in the USA!

• 1 Terra cotta planter with integrated overflow drain and caster sockets
• 1 aeration screen
• 1 water fill tube
• 2 reversible B/W mulch covers
• 4 easy-glide casters
• 16 oz. organic 8-3-5 fertilizer
• 16 oz. organic dolomite and instruction sheet

Instruction Manual (PDF)

ACCESSORIES (select from drop down menu):

Staking System

This ingenious five-pole setup provides sturdy support for plants that climb. Simply clip and grow!

• 5 sturdy aluminum tubes/poles
• 2 grey plastic T-connectors
• 2 aluminum straight connectors
• 2 rim clamps with stainless steel hardware
• 1 trellis net
• 2 plastic outriggers with built-in caster sockets
• 2 non-locking casters

Replant Kit

If you’re growing organic, you can’t use just any materials in your planting box. This Replant Kit lets you start a new season strong with the right essentials.

• 16 oz. 8-3-5 organic fertilizer
• 16 oz. organic dolomite
• 2 B/W reversible mulch covers
• Instruction sheet

Mulch Cover – Red (2-Pack)

Any soil cover will help keep weeds out and warm the soil, but studies indicate that color makes a difference. Red mulch can increase production by 12-20% by reflecting red light wavelengths back onto the plants, stimulating growth and accelerating ripening. We cut it to fit perfectly!

Grower’s Tip:
Keep the water reservoir filled, and your plants will receive the perfect amount of water.