Dip ‘n Grow


One of the most effective rooting hormones available! Propagators at nurseries and universities nationwide have increased their yields and found Dip ‘N Grow to be more economical and easier to use than other rooting agents. Proven formula contains both rooting auxins recognized as root inducing (IBA and NAA).

Note: Because alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients, Dip ‘N Grow is self-sanitizing. Cross-contamination problems are eliminated.

A 1:10 ratio with a 3-5 second dip is a good start for most cuttings. The ratio can be varied for the type of cutting or to suit the individual grower’s climate or growing conditions.

Product Label – PDF format
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
The best time to take cuttings is in the fall using mature dormant growth which would be classified as a hardwood or semi-hardwood cutting, or in the spring when the cutting would be new growth or classified as a softwood cutting.