Don’t baby your plants during the growing season and abandon them after harvest! CVault containers keeps your produce in prime condition, free from environmental variables like direct light and humidity changes (62% Boveda Paks included). Stainless steel materials prevent contamination in a perfectly controlled curing space, free of dust, mildew and other contaminants. Easy to open and access materials inside!

• Light-proof stainless steel construction
• Silicone ring locks in freshness and flavor
• Built-in humidity pack holder
• Wide-mouth openings for easy access
• Perfect for short-term or long-term storage

X-Small (4-8 gram capacity)
Small (7-12 gram capacity)
Medium (14-24 gram capacity)
Large (28-50 gram capacity)
2 Liter (1/4 lb. capacity)
4 Liter (1/2 lb. capacity)
8 Liter (1 lb. capacity)
21 Liter (2.2 lb. capacity)

Tip: Company testing found that products could be stored for up to two months without loss of texture, taste or aroma.