Compact (88 gal.)


FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States.

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient way to compost your kitchen throw-outs, grass clippings and organic yard waste, our compact unit is just right for you! The Compost Tumbler by Mantis quickly recycles it into nutrient-rich compost. Capacity: 88.3 gallons (11.8 cubic feet)

• Drum sits 12″ off the ground so the handle is at the perfect position!
• Gear panel provides effortless turning
• Aerator/ drainage units on the door improve air intake
• Interior mixing fins improve decomposition
• Screened vents on end-caps
• Strong tubular steel frame
• Rust-proof metal drums for long life
• 5 year manufacturer warranty

Size: 43″ H x 33″ D x 42″ W

Owner’s Manual (PDF)

(Shipped FREE when ordered with any ComposTumbler)

Sifter Screen – Attach this specially designed screen to the opening of your ComposTumbler to unload a finer, more crumbly compost. Great for making your own potting soil, or a finer mulch for flower borders and shrubs.

Protective Cover – This custom-made cover protects your ComposTumbler from snow, ice and harsh elements. It’s made of heavy-duty, weatherproof green vinyl to last for years of use.

Grower’s Tip:
The Compact model is designed for customers that want the benefits of quick composting (instead of the slow pile method), and generate between 2-3 trash bags of compostable material regularly (up to 88 gallons).