Coco Loco

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Triple washed for a low salt content. Bush Doctor Coco Loco Potting Soil by Foxfarm is one crazy little mix that’s chock-full of the best coconut coir available. Also includes plenty of good stuff like aged forest products, perlite, earthworm castings, bat guano, Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell and dolomite lime. Heck, it even has some mycorrhizal fungi tossed in for good measure!

• For use indoors and out
• Light, consistent texture
• Chock-full of beneficial microbes
• Holds more than its weight in water — requires less labor!
• Available in 2.0 cubic foot bags (51.4 dry quarts)

Ideal for hanging baskets, container gardens, seedling trays and much more!

Grower’s Tip:
Coconut peat is one of nature’s most abundant natural resources. It has long been used by hydroponic growers for its water retention, superior aeration and superior drainage at the root zone.

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