CO2 Test Kit

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BLOWOUT SALE! We recommend measuring CO2 levels periodically to ensure optimum plant growth. The ActiveAir CO2 Test Kit is an inexpensive alternative to costly electronic monitors. Measure from 300 to 5000 ppm. Easy to use.

• 1 100cc sampling syringe
• 2 CO2 gas detection tubes (each good for one test)
• Complete instructions


Step 1: Start with the plunger pressed down all the way (0 cc). The air sample should be taken from your grow room at plant level. Pull the plunger back to 100 cc to take a sample. You now have your air sample of the growing environment.

Step 2: Place the small rubber tube (included) onto the syringe. Carefully break off the two round tips of the CO2 Test Tube. Making sure the arrow on the glass tube is pointed away from the syringe (the same direction as the air coming out of the syringe), insert the end of the glass tube into the rubber tube.

Step 3: Press the plunger slowly for about one minute so that the air in the syringe passes through the glass test tube. Sample time is approximately one minute.

Step 4: The CO2 Test Tube will now show a PPM reading. The reading is displayed in purple. Take the PPM reading at the point where the purple turns back to white.

Step 5: The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is approximately 1200-1500 PPM. Levels over 3000 PPM are NOT acceptable for plants or people.