EZ Low – 64 Site, Black

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If you don’t want to wait around for germination to get the premium plants you love! The EZ CLONE Low Pro 64-site aeroponic cloning system lets you clip from mature plants and get new specimens with generous roots in a week! 100% success with minimal transplant shock.

• Made from durable UV protected HDPE plastic
• Start your first crop in minutes
• Pressurized misting stimulates dense root growth
• Cleaner, simpler method than rockwool
• Made in the USA

• Cloning collars in 4 different colors
• Lid and reservoir
• Water pump with extended baseplate and suction cups for stability
• Lid labeled to help track specimens

Product Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Neoprene collars can be reused if cleaned and sterilized, but we recommend using new collars for each rooting cycle.