Root Maximizer


The magic of beneficial fungus can happen in any growing setup you own! Clonex Root Maximizer allows a network of endo-mycorrhizae to provide maximum plant health in soil or indoor systems, like hydroponic or aeroponic setups.

• Mycorrhizae fungi, beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma maximize nutrient and water absorption
• Increases surface area of plant roots
• Protects plants against environmental stress and pathogens
• Use dry or place in liquid suspension
• Created by Clonex, a leader in plant propagation resources for nearly 30 years

Available in 4-oz. or 8-oz. packages.

Grower’s Tip:
Recommended application is to dust the roots with the powder or dissolve 1 tsp. in 1 gallon of water. Use liquid mixture as a drench or a root injection.