Clonex Mist

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The ultimate addition to a grower’s propagation tool kit! Clonex Mist by Hydrodynamics International contains ALL the needed vitamins and minerals for fast root development — up to 25% faster. Spray on young plants — clones, seedlings — for impressive results!

• Consistent results every time
• Shown to produce 156% more roots than water alone
• Accelerates rooting — up to 10 days faster!
• Promotes elongation of root hairs — 30% longer!
• Easy to use ready-to-spray formula

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF


Step 1: Spray parent plant a few days before taking cuttings.

Step 2: Make a clean diagonal cut just below a leaf node.

Step 3: Dip into rooting compound and insert into Root Riot® cube or propagator.

Step 4: Spray leaves every 2-3 days until the roots are established.