Fresh Maker


Single pass filtration of strong odors at very high CFMs is possible with the Fresh Maker Charcoal Filter. Includes three layers of highly active charcoal fiber with millions and millions of active micropores that attract and capture odors.

FreshMaker charcoal filters are the highest rated filters with the largest surface area on the market. Best of all, they work at less than 1/2 the size of old traditional filters! Washable to ensure maximum performance for many years of use.

Available Sizes:
4-inch, 518 Max CFM Out of Stock
6-inch, 942 Max CFM Out of Stock
8-inch, 2000 Max CFM Out of Stock
10-inch, 3000 Max CFM
12-inch, 4000 Max CFM

Grower’s Tip:
Charcoal fiber filters need regular maintenance to function properly. Clean at least once per month to ensure years of trouble free service.