BaseBoost (6-3-14)

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BLOWOUT SALE! Advanced growers who want optimum, natural plant nutrition (and results!) with zero fuss — BaseBoost is your fertilizer. Mix the pellets into your soil, water regularly, and the time-release formula delivers essential bio-available macro- and micro-nutrients. Yes, you might be reeling from sticker shock on this product, but only until you take your harvest profits to the bank. You’ll never go back to the same old NPK routine again.

• Application couldn’t be easier!
• Total, complete nutrition in one step – all season long.
• Perfect nutrition creates clearly superior produce
• Safe for young plants
• Precise application saves time, money and confusion
• No liquids to mix or spill
• Long shelf life with proper storage

Available in 10 kg sizes.

Apply 100gm (1/3 cup) for short crop cycle plants (1-3 months) and 200-300 gm for long crop cycle plants (3-6 months). Mix pellets into the soil before planting or by topdressing and watering in.

Extreme Feed Schedule (PDF)
Online Nutrient Calculator (external link)

Grower’s Tip:
For larger plants, place nutrient pellets in the bottom of each planting hole. Sandy soils will require more product than clay or heavy soils.