Calcium (20% Ca)


100% Organic. Age Old Calcium supplies 20% Ca to correct nutrient deficiencies and strengthen plant cell walls. Formulated from certified organic ingredients and applied as a foliar spray, it will also act as a deterrent for crawling insects and egg laying pests on plants and trees. Say goodbye to blossom end rot!

• Corrects Ca deficiencies in soil
• Saves the day before blossom end rot can take hold!
• Enhances pollen germination
• Quick and easy to add, delivers fast results

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

Available in quart (32 oz.) and gallon (128 oz.) sizes.

Mix 1-3 oz with water per 1000 square feet, or 2 quarts per acre in at least 12 gallons of water. For control of blossom end rot, use one tsp in one gallon of water every 10-14 days.