AeroFlo 60

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Looking for an indoor growing system with a proven track record? Look no further than General Hydroponics AeroFlo 60. Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 6 ft. growing chambers (10 sites each), AeroFlo delivers a super-oxygenated, nutrient-rich mist to your plant’s roots — produces legendary growth and huge plant yields in less time. Perfect for ALL plants up to 4 ft. tall.

• Huge growing potential in a small footprint
• Delivers the perfect mix of oxygen, water, and nutrients to plant roots
• Produces stronger, healthier plants and maximum yields
• Plants mature faster — improves productivity!
• Ideal for fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables

Size: 61″ x 82″ x 24″ tall (or stagger the configuration to include 3 grow chambers on each side, 61″ x 139″ x 24″ tall)

Each AeroFlo 60 System includes everything you need to get started: TNC water pump, 3″ grow cups, CocoTek liners, Hydroton and 3-part FloraSeries nutrient kit.

Instruction Manual (PDF)

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