Advanced MetaBoost

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Maximize your plants metabolism, growth and health with Buddhas Tree Advanced Meta-Boost! This seaweed derived bio stimulant saves your plants energy by providing naturally produced metabolites to keep growth and production at peak levels. This product is NOT registered for sale in California, Washington and Arizona.

• Dramatically improves taste and smell qualities
• Includes a gamut of bio-stimulates including Cytokines and Auxins
• Counters environmental stress with the addition of Betaine Glycerine
• Contains micronutrients needed for healthy plant growth and development
• For use in soil, coco or hydroponic systems

Available in 1-liter bottles.

Grow Schedule (PDF)

Use throughout vegetative and flowering stages. Mix 0.5 ml – 1 ml per liter of water during the vegetative stage, 1 ml per liter of water during early flowering, and 2 ml per liter of water in late flowering.