MAXPAR MH (600W, 4K)

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The best for healthy, compact plant growth! MAXPAR double ended (DE) metal halide bulbs are available for commercial crop production. They give you superior PAR production compared to single-ended MH setups and offer a specific UV output for enhanced vegetative growth.

• Broad spectrum for ALL stages of the plant’s growth cycle
• Double jacketed, so they’re compliant in open fixtures!
• 4K spectral range — best suited for ALL stages of plant growth!
• Easy to install or replace
• 1-year warranty; 10,000 life hours

Available size:

600W 4K DE-MH – A broad spectrum lamp which can be used in both the vegetative and blooming stages of the plant growth cycle.

Grower’s Tip:
Includes a patent pending outer jacket designed to bring MH DE lamp technology to open rated fixtures.

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