Lil’ Sprout (400W)


Ideal for small indoor gardens (no larger than 4 ft x 4 ft) and plant propagation. Our popular 400 Watt Grow Light Kit includes a low profile air cooled reflector, Agrosun bulbs — the brightest in the business — and one of the best digital ballasts on the market. Give it a try — you’ll be happy you did!

• ONE High Intensity Bulb – Agrosun Gold (halide) or Agrosun Red (sodium)
ONE Phantom Digital Ballast (9.0″ x 3.5″ x 12.0″ long; 10 lbs.)
(Dual voltage 120V/240V with 8 ft. power cord)
• ONE XtraSun 6 AC Reflector (23-3/4″ x 21″ x 8″)
(Includes fully-sealed lens system with built-in socket and lock & seal cord set)
• Hangers, instructions and lighting recommendations

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