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The Original Can-Fan 1

Compact, quiet and extremely efficient! The Original Can-Fan provides the power and flexibility needed for residential and commercial applications. Rated for continuous operation, they utilize an extremely reliable external rotor motor and reverse curve blade. May be paired with the Original Can-Filter to give true CFM.

Unique Features:
• Durable powder-coated steel
• Reliable external rotor motor
• 100% speed controllable
• Includes 6′ pre-wired power cord
• Warranty: 5-Years

Available Sizes:
6″ High Output – 440 CFM, 1.15 Amp
8″ Standard – 493 CFM, 1.16 Amp
10″ High Output – 781 CFM, 2.36 Amp
12″ High Output – 971 CFM, 3.04 Amp

Note: Fan sizes correspond to the diameter of the ducting that will be needed.

Grower’s Tip:
When selecting an inline fan for your garden do NOT skimp on quality. Some less costly fans lose 40%-60% of their air flow when run through a filter.