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Snap & Grow
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Snap & Grow Greenhouse 1
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Great for all climates! The Poly-Tex Snap & Grow Greenhouse (6′ x 8′) has been engineered from the ground up to get you growing quickly. Includes Smart Lock technology, so it assembles fast and easily without a lot of fuss.

• SnapGlass offers 100% UV protection and is virtually unbreakable!
• Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant aluminum frame — will NOT rust!
• Assembles in about a day — minimal tools required!
• Nearly 50 square feet of usable growing space (6′ 8″ of headroom)
• Preassembled door & window includes weather stripping
• Heavy-duty galvanized steel base kit (included)
• 5-Year Warranty

Width: 75″
Length: 100″
Height to Apex: 81″
Frame Spacing: 24″
Glazing: Single-layer polycarbonate
Frame: Aluminum and rigid polypropylene

Assembly Instructions – PDF format

(Shipped FREE when ordered with any Poly-Tex hobby kit)

4-Foot Extension Kit
Need more room? The Poly-Tex 4′ Extension Kit will allow you to add growing space by 4-foot increments. Includes one base kit and one roof vent per extension.

Shade Cloth
70% knitted shade cloth prevents overheating and plant burn by limiting the amount of direct sunlight. Colored green with edge taping and brass grommets. Available in TWO sizes: 8′ x 8′ and 8′ x 12′.

Automatic Vent Opener
Keep your garden at the optimal growing temperature. Automatic Vent Openers start opening at about 65°F and are fully open at 80°F. No batteries or electricity is required. They close automatically too!

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