Golden Crispy

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Incredibly sweet and fragrant! Golden Crispy Melon (Cucumis melo) is back after being discontinued for nearly 30 years. Small, oval shaped fruits — about 1/2 pound — have pale-yellow skin and tender, crisp flesh. We’re proud to offer this unique heirloom that was getting difficult to find. (75 days)

Each packet contains approximately 25-50 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Plant melons in a warm spot that gets plenty of sun. Make sure that the area is protected from strong winds and cool temperatures. Sow in place two weeks after the last frost and space 2-4 feet apart in rows 5-10 feet apart. May also be planted in hills, two per hill, with the hills spaced 2-3 feet apart. In short-season climates, start indoors one week before the last frost date.

Fruits are ready to pick when stems turn from green to brown and begin to dry. In addition, look for the underside — where the fruit rests on the ground — to turn from a greenish white to tan or yellow. Cut from vines with at least one inch of stem attached.