Marine Green

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Combining sustainably harvested ocean by-products with aged humus, Roots Organics Marine Green (0.5-0.1-0.1 + Ca 3%) is an ample source of natural nutrition and organic material. Use as a soil amendment or top-dress to support vigorous, healthy plants.

Available size: 1 cu ft Bag

Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening.

When amending a potting mix limit inclusion to 20% in general and proceed with caution beyond 10%.

When using for side-banding or top-dressing apply approximately 1 cup per intermediate plant or 1 cup per gallon of container volume.

Grower’s Tip:
Use to make a liquid compost tea. Add up to two quarts of compost per five gallons of tea volume and apply to plants as a foliar spray or soil drench.