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  • The Digger" Glove

    “The Digger”

    Designed to fit the shape of a woman’s hands and won’t let you down when you need it.

    $19.95 $17.95
  • Seed Flat (Standard 1020)

    1020 Trays

    Provides sturdy support and will NOT leak — perfect for bottom-watering applications.

    $2.95 $1.95
  • TDS Calibration Solution

    1500 ppm NaCl

    Easy to use, just dip your electrode into a small amount of the liquid and adjust.

    $21.50 $16.95
  • 16-Light Master Controller

    16 Light (MLC-16)

    The best device for managing up to 16 lights from one time-clock or controller.

    $579.95 $521.95
  • J.R. Liggett's Shampoo w/ Wood Stand

    2 Bars w/ Stand

    Includes ONE wood soap stand, plus TWO 3.5oz original formula bars.

    $21.95 $18.95
  • T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

    2-Foot Fixtures

    Delivers performance and high lumen output from multiple hanging positions.

    $95.95 $83.95
  • 24-Light Master Controller

    24 Light (MLC-24)

    Operate up to twenty four 1000W HID lamps from one 240v power source.

    $689.95 $621.95
  • 3-in-1 Garden Spray

    3-in-1 Spray

    Contains sulfur and insect killing soap derived from natural fats and plant oils.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Junior Garden Tools

    3-Piece Junior Set

    Includes a wooden-handled trowel, rake and fork. All ready for hours of mudpie fun!

    $10.50 $6.95
  • 3 Tined Garden Rake

    3-Tined Rake

    Handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana, using time-honored blacksmithing techniques.

    $58.00 $52.00
  • The Sprout Garden 1

    3-Tray Garden

    A 3-tray stacking system that can grow several health-giving crops at one time.

    $29.95 $26.95
  • EZ Clone Mister

    360 Misters

    Produce a gentle 360 degree spray pattern of super-oxygenated solution.

    $26.95 $22.95
  • 4 Light Controller

    4 HID Lighting Controller

    Includes four outlets for running ballasts – no need to change power cords!

    $124.95 $112.95
  • 4-Light Master Controller

    4 Light (MLC-4)

    The MLC-4 is built to operate up to four HID lights from one time-clock.

    $124.95 $112.95
  • T5 Light System (4-foot)

    4-Foot Fixtures

    Ideal for shelves or over bench tops — extremely powerful with very low heat!

    $156.95 $136.50
  • Electronic 4-Way Analyzer

    4-Way Analyzer

    Allows you to monitor pH, moisture, light intensity and total combined NPK.

    $34.95 $27.50
  • Vertical Grow Light Reflector

    45″ Vertical

    Use to distribute a broad, more diffuse pattern over a large growing area.

    $68.95 $51.95
  • 7-Blade Reel Mower

    7 Blade (Specialty)

    Designed to work on many of the low-growing creeping grasses found in the South.

  • Digital Light Timer

    7 Day (Digital)

    Plugs directly into wall outlet and features up to eight on/off settings per day.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • Organic Neem Oil

    70% Neem

    For broad spectrum use on vegetables, flowers, trees and more – indoors or out!

    $22.95 $17.95
  • HID Light Controller

    8 HID Lighting Controller

    Operate up to eight 1000W ballasts – 8000W max – from one time clock or device.

    $209.95 $189.95
  • 8-Light Master Controller

    8 Light (MLC-8)

    One of the best devices for firing up to eight 1000 watt HID systems.

    $209.95 $189.95
  • Cucumber, A & C Pickling

    A & C Pickling (Organic)

    Introduced in 1928 by Abbott & Cobb of Philadelphia, PA. Extremely productive!

    $3.00 $2.10
  • Rock Absorbalight


    Improves your favorite crops response to costly artificial plant lighting.

    $69.95 $52.95
  • Accu-Clear Pond Clarifier


    Quickly clears cloudy water and keeps it clean during peak summer months.

    $19.95 $16.95
  • pH Down

    Acid Adjustment (Down)

    Manufactured from pure concentrates that are pharmaceutical grade.

    $23.95 $18.50
  • Acid Loving Plants Fertilizer

    Acid Loving (6-4-4)

    Formulated for use on azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and more!

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Actinovate Fungicide


    This one-stop fungus fighter works from root to leaf with a concentrated formula.

    $12.95 $10.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (3-Stage/ 100 GPD)

    Active Aqua 100

    The Active Aqua 100 reverse osmosis filter arrives ready to use and is easy-to-hookup.

    $184.95 $169.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (4-Stage/ 200 GPD)

    Active Aqua 200

    This commercial-grade water filtration system is best for most applications.

    $249.95 $224.95
  • Reverse Osmosis System (5-Stage/ 300 GPD)

    Active Aqua 300

    Fast flow rates (300 gal/day) are ideal for drinking, cooking, hydroponics and more.

    $314.95 $289.95
  • Adjust A Wings


    May be shaped to a wide or narrow setting depending on the needs of your plants.

    $132.95 $119.95
  • Adjustable Hose Nozzle

    Adjustable (12380)

    With a quick twist of the wrist you can adjust from a steady stream to a fine mist.

    $14.95 $12.95
  • Advanced Meta-Boost

    Advanced MetaBoost

    A rich seaweed derived plant bio-stimulant that contains cytokines and auxins.

    $69.95 $59.95
  • Compost Turner

    Aerator (36 in. long)

    An easy and effective way to mix and add oxygen to the pile without heavy lifting.

    $31.95 $23.95
  • Home Lawn Aerator Tool

    Aerator (Manual)

    Reduces compaction and thatch to let air, water and fertilizer down to the roots.

    $39.95 $29.95
  • Lawn Aerator Sandals

    Aerator Sandals

    Creates open air passages to get water, air and nutrients down to the root zone.

    $15.50 $12.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 18

    Looking for an aeroponic garden with a proven track record? Well, here it is!

    $429.00 $389.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 20

    Delivers a super-oxygenated, nutrient-rich mist to your plant’s roots.

    $421.95 $344.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 30

    A compact setup that’s perfect for growing greens, vegetables, berries and flowers.

    $559.95 $514.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 36

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 4 ft. growing chambers – 6 sites each.

    $937.95 $759.95
  • AeroFlo Aeroponic System

    AeroFlo 60

    Available with a 40-gallon reservoir and SIX 6 ft. growing chambers – 10 sites each.

    $1,173.50 $949.95
  • AeroGarden 3

    AeroGarden 3

    There’s no smaller, ultra-productive growing area than the AeroGarden 3!

    $79.95 $74.95
  • AeroGarden 7

    AeroGarden 7

    Here’s automatic gardening technology with even more growing space!

    $159.95 $142.95
  • Aerojet Aeroponics Hydrogarden 1

    Aerojet Hydrogarden

    Perfect for indoor gardeners with busy lifestyles or limited growing space.

    $802.50 $604.95
  • Melon, Afghan Honeydew

    Afghan Honeydew

    Grown in the majestic mountain valleys north of Kabul, Afghanistan.

    $3.00 $2.10
  • Bulldog Original After Shave Balm

    After Shave

    Developed to help reduce redness and to soothe and nourish facial irritations.

    $14.50 $10.95
  • After Sun Moisturizer


    Packed with anti-oxidants, this hydrating moisturizer will nourish and repair.

    $16.95 $14.50
  • Microna Agricultural Lime

    Ag Lime (Calcium Carbonate)

    This high quality calcium carbonate neutralizes soil acids very efficiently.

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Age Old Bloom

    Age Old Bloom (5-10-5)

    A high phosphorus (10%) formula used for early growth and flower formation.

    $16.95 $13.95
  • Age Old Fish & Seaweed

    Age Old Fish & Seaweed (3-3-2)

    An effective plant stress reducer and root stimulant that’s rich in carbohydrates.

    $15.95 $13.50
  • Age Old Grow

    Age Old Grow (12-6-6)

    A fast-acting source of nitrogen (12%) to encourage healthy plant growth.

    $16.95 $13.95