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Uvonair Ozonator

Breathe easy while the Uvonair Ozonator attacks and neutralizes odors caused by tobacco smoke, pets, molds, mildew and more. How? The Uvonair generates ozone (O3) – one of the most powerful oxidizers available.

O3 doesn’t just mask odors — it neutralizes odors at the source, then harmlessly converts it to CO2 and oxygen. Ideal for homes, offices, workplaces… anywhere that can benefit from purer, cleaner air!

Available Sizes:
1000 – Effective for rooms up to 1000 cubic feet
3000 – Effective for rooms up to 3000 cubic feet
5000 – Effective for rooms up to 5000 cubic feet

We also offer the 8″ UV In-Line Duct Ozonator for larger areas. An economical system that produces ozone using special ultra violet light bulbs. Ideal for rooms up to 5000-10000 cubic feet.