Temperature Controller (UTC-1)

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Universal Temperature Controller (UTC-1) 1

The Sentinel Universal Temperature Controller offers a very reliable and inexpensive way to automate the temperature of a growing area. It is 100% digital and accurate to within 1°F. The controller can record the maximum and minimum temperatures that the area was subjected to in order to verify the ventilation equipment is working properly.

Unique Features:
• Different Day and Night temperatures settings.
• Records the minimum and maximum temperature readings.
• Has 2 receptacles that can control up to 15 amps of power.
• Can control heating or cooling devices.
• Adjustable “Hysteresis” or “dead band” allows the user to customize the unit.
• Remote Temperature sensor with 15 ft. cable.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Instruction Manual – PDF format

The UTC-1 has TWO receptacles on the unit that can control up to 15-amps of 120-volt power. It even has the ability to control heaters as well as cooling devices. The adjustable “Hysteresis” or “dead-band” allows the user to customize the unit for their particular setup.