Sunmaster HPS Bulbs

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Sunmaster HPS Bulbs 1

The NEW Sunmaster Bulbs are spectrally enhanced for horticultural use and have a higher level of light energy (about 10%) for accelerated photosynthesis. Promotes healthy plants while encouraging stem elongation and increased flowering and fruiting in your garden!

Sunmaster Super High Output HPS Deluxe Lamps are universal, giving you the freedom of vertical or horizontal placement. They have a type S52 mogul base and the Kelvin is 2100°. You can anticipate 24,000+ hours of use. One year warranty.

Unique Features:
• Electronic ballast friendly
• 10% more light than a standard HPS lamp
• Red output for stem elongation and flowering
• Long life, economical
• Ideal companion for Metal Halide Conversion Lamps

Technical Bulletins (PDF format)
600 Watt – 90,000 initial lumens
1000 Watt – 150,000 initial lumens

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