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Stealth Grow LED 1250 HO

Are you a big time grower looking for big time results? The SG 1250 HO by Stealth Grow uses high output LED chips for maximum intensity. Provides significantly more light output, better coverage, and better canopy penetration than any other grow light on the market. Saves on expensive power bills too!

Unique Features:
• Low wattage – 1200w; actual power draw 680w
(3.5 amps @ 220v; 6.5 amps @ 110v)
• Long life – 50,000-100,000 hours
• Low heat output — saves on cooling costs!
• Area coverage: 4′ x 4′ (16 sq ft)
• Warranty: 5 years

Size: 22″ x 30″ x 8″ deep

Grower’s Tip:
The Department of Energy estimates LED lighting should reduce overall U.S. energy consumption for lighting by 29% by the year 2025.