HydroHut Mini (3 x 3)

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Silver Edition HydroHut Mini (3 x 3) 1

A no hassle, high quality indoor greenhouse! The HydroHut Mini holds all 3′ x 3′ hydroponic systems and includes 3 vent openings and 4 electrical ports. More air vents and cord ports means you can set up your portable grow room as you wish — more options makes your growing experience more convenient.

Perfect for use with T-5 fluorescent fixtures, compact fluorescents or high intensity discharge (HID) grow lights (suggested light wattage – 400w or 600w).

Unique Features (Silver Edition):
• Sturdy flaps around the door and windows
• Velcro insures that they are light-tight
• Steel poles (16 mm ) and corners for added strength
• High quality outer material — will NOT rip!
• More sewing and material in crucial areas
• More air vents (3) and electrical ports (4), plus side windows (2)
• Built-in flanges will accommodate ducting from 4 to 8-inches
• Maximum ceiling capacity 130 lbs

Size: 40″ x 40″ x 78″ tall

Assembly Directions – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Temperature and humidity levels can easily be regulated in these mini greenhouses using intake and exhaust fans. CO2 can be added and fans controlled by using separate atmospheric controls.