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Rutabagas, American Purple Top 1
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Very tasty, mild and sweet! Terrific cooked or raw with bright yellow flesh that is top quality. A pre-1920 heirloom, Rutabagas (B. napas) are a great fall vegetable. (65-90 days)

Each packet contains approximately 400 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Easy to grow crops are one of fall’s best vegetables. In spring, plant two inches apart — 1/2 inch deep — into loose soil with plenty of organic matter. Space rows 18-24 inches apart and provide plenty of water throughout the growing season. Plants take 3-4 months to mature.

For best flavor, pull or dig roots when they are 3-5 inches in diameter. Larger bulbs tend to be tough. A light frost will improve crops. Harvest greens as needed after four inches. A heavy straw mulch will extend your harvest into early winter.

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