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Resin-X Gardener's Soap 1

The best cleaner for horticultural use… hands down! Resin-X Gardener’s Soap with citrus oil easily melts away pitch, sap and other sticky plant materials that other cleaners simply won’t touch. Use on hands, tools and even clothes to remove tough organic materials. After years of trying, we have never found a better cleaner for horticultural use — ever!

Available size: Quart (32 oz)


Works great for plant resins, automotive grease and much more.
1.) Apply a small amount to dry hands. Do not wet hands first.
2.) Gently scrub until clean.
3.) Hands may be towel dried or rinsed with water.

If cleaning power tools, ensure that power source is removed and follow all manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and safety instructions.
1.) Apply a small amount to finger tips or a clean dry rag.
2.) Wipe tools until clean, using caution around blades.
3.) Once clean, simply wipe away remaining product.

Test a small area first to ensure that color is not removed and damage does not occur.
1.) After testing, apply directly to area to be cleaned.
2.) Gently rub until clean, then wipe away.
3.) Wash and allow to dry according to manufacturer’s instructions.