Powerbox FlipBox

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Original FlipBox

Powerbox FlipBox 1

The original Powerbox FlipBox is an individual light switching module that allows an individual ballast to run two separate lights – one at a time – by switching back and forth between each light, at a user-specified interval. Flipboxes have lots of possibilities and save lots of money, when compared to buying new ballasts.

Unique Features:
• Runs TWO lights from ONE ballast
• Double production without installing additional power circuits
• Save money on ballasts – use one ballast to run two lights
• Voltage independent – works with 120v and 240v ballasts
• Chain up to 20 Flipboxes together for simultaneous flipping
• Fits Sunlight Supply-style lamps & ballasts (requires a Plug Adapter to work with Hydrofarm® lamps & ballasts)
• Hand-built in the USA
• 5-year warranty

Hookup Diagrams – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Powerbox works with virtually all magnetic ballasts and with most new digital ballasts. When using digital ballasts with ‘error sensing’ technology (such as Lumatek, Nextgen and Phantom), you will need to turn the ballast(s) off 5 minutes before flipping, and then back on 5 minutes after flipping.