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PowerBox DPC-15000SQ 1

Built for generators and those who want to minimize a simultaneous activation footprint. The Powerbox DPC-15000SQ Lighting Controller has outlets with user-adjustable sequential delays so that the entire lighting load does not come on at one time. You can set a delay from .1 to 10 minutes between the activation of each pair of outlets. Runs ten 1,000 watt lights at 240-volts and accessories at 120-volts.

Unique Features (DPC-15000SQ):
• 10 Light Controller built for use with generators
• Adjustable delay allows you to start lights two at a time, with a delay of .1 to 10 minutes between activation of each outlet
• Available in 50 or 60 amp capacity
• Available in plug & play or hardwire versions
• GFCI main circuit breaker provides the ultimate in safety & protection
• Heavy-duty contactor relay to control load switching
• Built-in digital timer with battery backup
• Detachable trigger cord can override the built-in timer (allows the unit to be controlled by other devices)
• Digital Ammeter (shows precise amperage draw)
• Ten timed 240-volt outlets and five 120-volt outlets
• ETL Listed for approved use in the United States & Canada
• Hand-built in the USA
• 5-year warranty

Grower’s Tip:
The DPC-15000 series safely controls up to TEN 1,000 watt HID lights running at 240-volts, from a single timer. Easy to use, you’ll be up and running in minutes.