Power Expansion Module (PXM-2)

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Power Expansion Modules (PXM-2) 1

When you need to control large equipment with higher amperage, the PXM-2 is the answer! Power Expansion Modules increase the number OR size of the lights, fans, air conditioners and pumps in your growing area that can be “automated.”

The PXM-1 and PXM-2 have been designed to expand the capabilities of Sentinel controllers and timers. You install the modules by connecting the pre-wired “trigger” cable into any controller or timer that is 120 volt. Then locate a suitable circuit and plug in the pre-wired #14 AWG cable into the power outlet of your choice. Plug the devices that are to be controlled into the PXM and you are ready to go.

Unique Features:
• Available in a 120v (PXM-1) and a 240v (PXM-2) version. Each has 2 receptacles to connect to.
• PXMs are able to control up to 15-amps of power.
• Pre-wired and ready to use right out of the box, NO WIRING REQUIRED.
• Connect HID lights. The PXM-1 allows you to connect two 600 watt lights, the PXM-2 allows you to connect two 1000 watt lights.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Instruction Manual – PDF format