Orange Sun

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Pansy, Orange Sun
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Perfect for containers, borders or edging! Orange Sun Pansy (Viola wittrockiana) yield beautiful tangerine-orange colored blossoms on stunning, 6- to 8-inch tall, bright green plants. (Perennial grown as an annual) Learn How to Grow Pansies here.

Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Plants thrive in cool, well-drained soil. They prefer partial shade, but will tolerate full sun where summers are cool. Surface sow or barely cover with soil 10- to 12-weeks before planting outside. Seedlings are ready to transplant when spring temperatures are still cool and plants are strong. Space 6-inches apart in all directions and water when needed to promote vibrant growth and good flower development.

Remove spent flowers on a regular basis to extend the blooming period. Plants are hardy and well known for being self-seeders.

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