Master Digital Timer (MDT-1)

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Master Digital Timer

The Sentinel Master Digital Timer combines the two main timing functions required for hydroponics into ONE convenient package. It combines the function of the DRT-1 recycling timer with an advanced method of SAFELY controlling HID lights. The second timer function is designed to operate like a standard 24-hour time clock to control the plant’s photo-period.

What sets the MDT-1 apart from other time clocks, is the built in functions like “hot-start” prevention logic which starts after a power failure. This function will prevent the HID lamps from re-firing until they properly cool.

The timer also has a built-in temperature sensor that allows the user to set a maximum temp that the area can get to. In the event of a cooling failure, the temperature will rise to unsafe levels. It will automatically shut down the lights to prevent disastrous overheating.

The MDT-1 adds two receptacles to the DRT-1. One receptacle controls lights (Daytime) another one can control Night devices like dehumidifiers.

Connect up to 1200 watts of HID lighting directly to the MDT-1 OR use 1 or more HPH-4 or HPH-8 to be able to operate as many HID lights as you need.

Instruction Manual - PDF format

Unique Features:
• Coordinates 2 main timing functions in one convenient unit. It combines the function of the DRT-1 with the ability to control the photo period of HID Lighting in a 100% digital timer.
• Connect up to 1200 watts of HID lighting directly or use with HPH-4 or HPH-8 to connect as many lights as you want to control.
• Control HID lighting schedules with 24-hour time clock.
• Integrated digital recycling timer can operate daytime, nighttime or 24 hours a day.
• Digital recycling ON & OFF times can be programmed in hours, minutes and seconds.
• Press and hold to display current temperature.
• HI-Temp protection will disable HID Lights if the temperature exceeds the maximum level set by the user.
• If overheating happens, the unit logs the max temperature and the time it occurred.
• Hot start prevention monitors the incoming power and will disable the HID lights in the event of a power failure. After a user adjustable delay, the HID lamps are permitted to re-start.
• Remote probe can be located up to 4 feet from unit.
• Re-settable circuit breaker built-in.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Grower’s Tip:
Many digital timers can be difficult to set-up and “Program.” The MDT-1 includes separate buttons for each setting making changes easy.