MASSIVE Bloom Formulation

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MASSIVE Bloom Formulation 1

Bloom Formulation. Green Planet Wholesale MASSIVE (1-1.5-2.8) is the world’s best flowering additive. A high performance, organically derived flowering nutrient. It’s enhanced with all the necessary micro-elements, including naturally occurring hormones, to increase flower size, taste, faster cell division and healthier crop yields.

Unique Features:
• Green Planet’s flagship nutrient
• Formulated to achieve the best flowering results for your plants
• No other product for flowering will come close
• Many times copied but never duplicated
• Maximizes your plants terpenoids and flavenoids
• Ideal for use with hydroponics or organic mediums

Mix 1 oz. (20 ml) per gallon of water for the duration of the flowering cycle. Always check pH levels.

At 20 ml per gallon your nutrient solution will elevate ppm levels by an additional 400 ppm. Be sure to lower your nutrient levels to compensate as to not experience over-feeding.